McLaren-Renault ? Is it really worth

So the rumors of McLaren divorcing Honda has been running for quite a time now. The surprising thing which happened this weekend was Ross Brawn, Cyril, Prost were spotted exiting the McLaren Motorhome on the Italian GP weekend. But what Renault says is they can’t provide engine to more than 3 teams. So if Toro Rosso drops Renault then McLaren can get it. 

Now the following questions arise :

Why will McLaren drop Honda ? If McLaren drops Honda, they will have to pay for the contract breaching. Apart from that they will have to pay Alonso’s salary which was paid by Honda till now. But on the other hand with a better Engine and one of the fastest driver on the grid McRenault can definitely score podiums. This will also help to improve the reputation of McLaren which is declining since the past couple of years. Eventually leading to a Title Sponsor as well.

Why will Toro Rosso drop Renault ? Honda will pay Toro Rosso for using their Engines.

Why will RENAULT drop Toro Rosso for McLaren ? The cost of the engine wouldn’t change if the customer changes. But with a better chassis of McLaren, McRenault can score podiums thereby resulting in glory and can also help to develop the Renault works team. Apart from this McLaren will pay Renault $8Mn to get them Carlos Sainz in place of Jolyon Palmer. So the Renault team has two good & points scoring drivers.

Why will Redbull pursue Toro Rosso to go for Honda ? Toro Rosso was Incorporated by Redbull so as it becomes the testing ground for REDBULL. With Toro Rosso drivers getting promoted to Redbull add making it big, it’s similar for Engine as well. So they will test whether the Honda Engine is really that great and if it is then in future Redbull Honda..

Why will Honda drop McLaren ? Along with McLaren they have had a great history so expectations are tremendous this time and constant failure is resulting into more pressure. Apart from that an additional expense of paying Alonso’s bill who constantly abuse the enginge. With Toro Rosso the pressure to perform would be less and they can work with peace.

In all it’s a win win situation for everyone.

Hope it turns out well and we fans can have a good 2018 season.

Jwallant Parmar


Sauber – The new Ferrari B-team

With the recent news coming from Sauber regarding the cancellation of their technical partnership with the Japanese Automobile giant, Honda there seems to be many reasons behind it.

The change of person at the top is stated to be the main reason behind it. The Sauber Honda deal was done by the then team principal and CEO Mrs. Monisha Katlenborn with a view that using a customer engine won’t help then to win. So there was a need to go with a new engine Manufacturer which was Honda, but Honda being struggling at the moment so there were huge risks involved. But inorder to become a works team she progressed with the Honda deal.

Now with a new person at the top and change in the management they have reversed that decision citing to safe and predictable season in F1. So they cancelled the partnership with Honda.

Now they have 3 options left.

  1. Go with the most dominant engine, Mercedes
  2. Get a Renault engine (it’s still in development stage)
  3. Continue using a year old Ferrari Engine which won’t get any upgrades.

What I think is that FERRARI would have pursued Sauber to ditch the Honda Engine and use the FERRARI Engine for a lower price while in return they have to give 1 seat to their junior driver.

Both Mercedes & Redbull have a junior driver program as well as a B-team in F1. So they don’t miss out on good talents whereas a good and dominant car is being developed.

Now after a long time FERRARI is actually fighting for the Championship which shows how hard they have worked on the development of the car. But at the same time they don’t have good drivers for the future.

Kimi Raikkonen would be retiring at the end of this season or Maybe next.

Sebastian Vettel is going out of contract at the end of the season, there have been rumors about him going to MERCEDES.

So, basically the drivers is a unpredictable thing for them. But at the same time FERRARI have a lot of good talent in the form of Ferrari Driver Academy whose drivers are racing in various lower tier series like, F2, European F3, Italian F4, GP3

So with this bunch of abundant and young talent being nurtured they need to utilize it well which they haven’t done so far.

You see Redbull Junior drivers like Sebastian Vettel, McLaren Junior drive like Lewis Hamilton making it big in F1. A feat which FERRARI has yet to achieve.

So in order to get that 1 seat at Sauber which is being currently occupied by a Mercedes Junior they might have forced Sauber to ditch Honda and most likely continue with FERRARI as the enginge provider.

Charles LecLerc would be testing the SF70-H this Monday just after the Hungarian GP, this makes it clear that Ferrari wants him in F1 next season.

Let’s wait for sometime untill any new announcement is made for Sauber’s Engine provider.

– Jwallant Parmar

Motor Racing is dying a slow death

The origins of motor racing can be traced back to over a century ago. It’s often said that the men started racing as soon as the second car in the world was made.

Karl Benz made the first car way back in 1885 and as per records an official motor racing took place in 1890s this just shows how eager and excited people were about racing.

With the rise of automobile industry in different regions of the world (America, Europe, Asia, Australia) motor racing gradually became a sport.

Many official motor race have taken place before the WW-II happened. But it was only in 1950 when the first F1 Grand Prix took place in UK.Since 1950s many big car Manufacturers have tried their luck at F1.

Along with F1, many other categories of motor racing started viz. rallying, touring cars, endurance racing. Motor Racing also happened in 2 types i.e. Open Wheel Racing & Closed Wheel Racing.The other thing which differentiated races where the location. Some racing series would happen only in a specific country or a region, whereas some racing series were international.

With a variety of motor racing series available, fans were also happy as they got to Select a particular type of racing which they liked.

Hence more and more Automobile manufacturers started participating in motor racing not only to prove the world how good their company is but also to develop new technologies which could be used in their road cars.

But now in the 21st century the problems which arised are

  • Increasing Fuel Prices
  • Increasing Fuel consumption Rate
  • Expensive Engine Development Cost
  • Higher operational costs
  • High salary of car development driver

So all these factors have added a burden on the Automobile manufacturers racing in motor sports.

The best example we can see is that of Toyota which happened last decade.

The then biggest car maker in world decided to re enter F1 as a full works team. They pumped as much money as they wanted in the R&D for developing a dominant chasis and Engine. They invested over a Billion USD on their Formula 1 Project. But what did they got in return apart from disappointed ? Hardly any podium finishes.

Hence they were forced to quit F1 and seeing the status of the biggest car Manufacturer in the world who also happens to be amongst the Top 10 companies on the Fortune list of top500 companies. No manufacturer dared to enter F1 as a works team.

Now, in the United States of America where there are different motor racing competitions like the NASCAR, INDYCAR the operating cost of each team is very less as compared to F1. Major reason being common chasis and Engine supplier. So each team shells our around $50Mn a year.

Whereas in Formula1, top teams like MERCEDES, Ferrari, McLaren, Redbull have an annual budget of over $300Mn. Major cost being that of engine development.

The other main problem is, low fan turnout at races. Be it at a Formula1 Grand Prix or a WEC race or a DTM race and now by introducing the Halo Protection System by the FIA for F1 in 2018 many fans have expressed their opinions as they all are disappointed with this rule.

Due to costlier tickets and some boring races in F1 for over a decade the fan interaction is decreasing. Even the broadcasting of these events have switched to premium channels. So fans need to shell out more.

Competitions like DTM, BTCC are country specific so turnout is fans are less and hence Automobile Manufacturers can’t market their products to a wide range of people.

Now, with an increasing importance to the Electric batteries and development of some good Electric cars by a silicon valley startup Tesla Motors, Electric Cars became the point of interest and soon the FIA started a new series where cars running of Electric batteries race.

The things which made Formula E stand out from other FIA premium series were

  1. Same Chasis
  2. Same Electric Batteries
  3. Increased fan interaction
  4. Street Circuit Racing
  5. Free Broadcasting

With low operating budget, more fans interactions specially because it happens in the city so fans don’t have to travel more to reach the track which are on the outskirts, various Automobile Manufacturers across the globe saw this as an opportunity to expand their global reach as Formula E is being held in all over the regions of the world.

So Manufacturers like

  • Audi
  • Renault
  • Mahindra
  • Jaguar
  • DS Automobiles participated

Since these Automobile Manufacturers wants to show their prowess in the Electric Vehicles domain also. Showing the fans the capability of their EV and thereby generating a future market for their Electric Road Cars which they would sell in the coming years.

Even business organizations participated as a customer team to earn some money.

F1 teams like McLaren & Williams who also have applied technology business also saw this as an opportunity and participated in it as batteries provider.

Automobile start ups like Faraday Future , Venturi Motors are into the mix

& Now with German Automobile Giants BMW and Mercedes Benz joining the Formula E soon this competition just gets bigger and better.

This implies a gradual decrease in importance being given to the premium motor racing series given by these Automobile Manufacturers and in the next 30-40 years probably the motor racing competition would cease to exist.

This also means that it’s time to embrace the new Electric Cars which doesn’t make sounds (the sound which makes petrolheads go crazy, just can’t imagine how our future would be…) but goes as fast as a gasoline runned car.

– Jwallant Parmar

A(-)Z erbaijan Grand Prix 2017

Well, even before the race began or even before the Grand Prix began most of the fans had given up on this race. After a very boring race last year most of the fans didn’t want this very race to exist.

On Friday, there were a couple of crashes as Perez and Max banged the wall near the castle. Though Redbull (Max Verstappen) was the fastest one out there in both the practice sessions on Friday. It seemed like Mercedes won’t be winning on Sunday. Best part of the practice sessions were the yellow flags. Race Marshalls at turn 8,9 waved the yellow flag for 113 times.

On Saturday, Mercedes and FERRARI we’re back on the top but the Qualifying was wide open for the top3 teams. Q1 didn’t went good for the McLarens as they messed up with the Redbull guys. Since the Honda speed at the start finish straight was around 40Kmph less than the Renault so the Redbull guys thought that the McLarens weren’t on their timed laps. However it didn’t matter much for McLaren as they were gonna start last on the grid since they had piled up enormous Engine penalties. Q2 was HAMazing since Lewis pulled up 0.7s on his team mate. Q3 saw Ricciardo getting crashed resulting into a red flag. However Lewis again found some time and pulled 1.1s on the FERRARI. (Mother of Sandbagging by the Merc)

Coming into the race day, everyone had some expectations, predictions, intuitions but no one in their wildest dreams expected this very Podium finish. Turn 1,2 was expecting some drama and it did got. Lewis had a clean start where Kimi & Bottas came so close to each other that Bottas pushed Kimi wide but ended up getting his front wing damaged. As a result of this Vettel went P2 followed by Perez at P3 and Max at P4. Whereas Sainz spun at turn 1. Bottas went for a front wing replacement only to be ending up last on the leaderboards. Ricciardo also came for a early tyre change. Then the race followed multiple yellow flags. Max again saw a retirement in this race that happened just after he tried to the P3 from Perez but ended up getting​ a 4th retirement in the last 6 raceas. There were a couple of Safety Cars as well. The safety car went and again in 1 lap it had to be bought back. Such was the race dynamics. When the safety car was about to go on that very lap Lewis braked all of a sudden thereby resulting into Vettel banging into Hamilton’s car. By the time Hamilton could digest that his car was hit from behind he experienced another impact from the left as Vettel came from behind to show his anger and banged his car and then went back to his position. After the safety car went Perez tried his best to get Vettel but couldn’t and then all of a sudden Ocon who was P5 at that moment came from no where and tried to take on Perez at Turn2 thereby resulting in damaging both the Force India as well as Kimi and taking them back on the standings.  

It was over an hour and just 23/51 laps were done. But we saw multiple safety cars, a red flag and couple of retirements as well.

During the red flag when everyone was in the pits, both the Championship contenders Lewis & Vettel were a bit animated and busy talking with their race Engineers & team principals. Changing the tyres and slightly repairing the car as well. At the same time both Perez & Kimi‘s car was being repaired in the pit box whereas Ocon was a lap down.

The race restarted and at this time both the Williams were P3-4. Soon after the restart Lewis was leading followed by Vettel and Ricciardo took on both the Williams

Then something magical happened which no one imagined.

Hamilton‘s headrest had some problem, it was coming out so Lewis while driving at 180+mph had to also make sure that his head rest is back to it’s position so with one hand on steering wheel and the other one occupied in rearranging the head rest was leading the race. But the team had to call him to the pits to make sure a new one is set. So Lewis pitted and everyone knew that now Lewis has lost the race. But when Lewis came to the pits , a 10sec Stop-Go penalty was imposed on Vettel was rash driving.  So after that Vettel was P8 and Lewis was P9.

Both the Championship contenders were in the midfield trying to get back on the top. In this phase both of them went pass ALONSO thereby giving us fans an iconic scene  VETTEL HAMILTON ALONSO all of them in 1 single straight. 9 World Titles in a row.

Massa had retired because of some throttle or rear damper issues so the top3 was RIC STR MAG but OCON took on Magnussen to get P3 but Bottas who was P6 at that moment took on the others and went P3 with Ocon P4 and Mag P5 but then Vettel & Hamilton came and went P4, 5 resulting in Ocon getting a P6 Magnussen a P7.

And just when everyone thought the drama was over another thing happened. That was Bottas going P2 with just 20m from the Chequered Flag. Was it coz of Stroll slowing down as he knew the race is about to end and it was his fist podium so couldn’t control the excitement or was it coz of the superior car of Bottas ? We don’t know. 

But one thing was sure , an 18yr old rookie got a podium and a guy who started P10 went on to win the race and the one who went last from P2 on the opening lap ended the race at P2.


Multiple Safety Cars, Youngest Rookie on the Podium, Honda finishing in points, Red Flag and an unexpected podium followed by a shoey was all which the fans experienced this weekend in F1.

Who knew that a boring track could give an iconic race that would be remembered for a long long time & an underpowered Engine will finish in points by just not competing with the faster cars and maintaining a clean race.

 That was a brief report of the Round 8 of Formula 1 2017 season which was held in on the streets of a beautiful city BAKU in the tiny country of Azerbaijan.

Jwallant Parmar

Race Predictions: Grand Prix Du Canada

The Qualifying of 2017 Canadian GP witnessed another spectacular performance form the guy who currently rules this track, the guy who has won his first race here and went on to win 4 more races in the coming years and has equivalent number of poles. But this Saturday he again showed why is the fastest man on the track. This guy is none another than the 3x World Champion , Lewis Hamilton. He was surprised when the Senna Family gifted him a Helmet which Senna used in one of his F1 race, as an appreciation on equalling Senna’s record of 65 Pole Positions.

LH broke the qualifying record today. He was just outstanding in Q3. Despite Vettel coming so close 0.004s , Hamilton maintained his calm and bounced back much stronger thereby getting the pole by 0.33s

His teammate BO77AS again qualified third. He qualified P3 in 6 races this season. The 1 where he didn’t qualified P3 was where he took the pole.

Kimi qualified P4, which was not expected. After showing the pace in FP2 & FP3 this result was not expected.

Max, finished P5 which was the best he could have done

Ricciardo qualifying P6 locked the Row3 of the Grid

Massa once again out qualified not only his teammate Stroll (P17) but also the 2 Force India Drivers (P8-9)

Hulk again made it to Q3 but failed to move up the order.

Kvyat & Sainz could have made it to Q3 hadn’t the yellow flags interfered

Alonso again out qualified his rookie teammate who finished P16. Coming from a wonderful race weekend at INDY getting back into the shitty Honda engine all he could manage was P12

Both the HAAS drivers struggled here. After an amazing qualifying in Monaco this is what they never wanted but they knew it was coming

Jolyon Palmer made it to Q2 this time but failed as everytime

both the saubers struggled horribly inlcuding the crash.


so the standings after the chequered flag would be..

Lewis, BO77AS, Vettel, Max, Kimi, Perez, Ricciardo, Ocon, Sainz, Massa, Kvyat, Stroll, Alonso, Hulk , Grosjean, Pascal, Magnussen, Vandoorne, Ericsson, Palmer.


– Jwallant Parmar

50 years of GRAND PRIX DU CANADA (1967 – 2017)

This year marks the 50th year of CANADIAN GRAND PRIX.  So the muncipalty of Montreal released stamps of 5 F1 Drivers who conquered the Canadian GP in each of these 5 decades.

With Michael Schumacher winning a record 7 races here and GILLES VILLENEUVE being the first Canadian F1 driver to win a GP that too at his home the circuit is named after him.

Out of the current drivers on the grid  Lewis Hamilton has the maximum wins (5) including his maiden F1 win.

Lewis also has a unique record here. He either finishes on the podium or doesn’t finish the race.

Preview of the CANADIAN GP 2017,

Mercedes especially LEWIS HAMILTON is the one to watch out for in this particular race especially after that bad and forgetful weekend in Monaco.

FERRARI​ , are the team to beat this season and it doesn’t seem that they will be behind Merc in the Qualifying. The circuit suits them​.

Redbull, they have often struggled here and with the current situation it doesn’t seem that they are gonna do something great this weekend.

Force India, was the most consistent team of the season till the last race. Hope they will be back. Much stronger than before

Williams, their rookie driver LANCE STROLL who happens to be a Canadian might be looking for a accident free race and score some points at his home.

McLaren, the tension between McLaren & Honda seems to be increasing as Honda failed to bring the planned upgrade this weekend.
One change this year has been that, the  Wall of Champions have been shifted a little behind.

– Jwallant Parmar

Race Predictions – Grand Prix de Monaco 2017

So the Iceman is on the pole after an astonishing 128 races that’s approximately​ 9 years. Proving that once a legend, always a legend.

Vettel is P2 , I seriously don’t want  Ferrari to give team orders , let Kimi race and if Vettel takes Kimi on his own then it’s good but not by telling Kimi to slowdown and make way for Vettel.

BO77AS was once again impressive. Could have splitted the Ferrari’s but still pole was not possible. A decent race for him with no mistakes would land him on the podium for sure.

Max, Ricciardo had a decent Qualifying despite the fact that Ricciardo did only 1 lap in Q3 they still have the Pace to fight for the Podium in race.

Carlos Sainz was impressive once again. Toro Rosso has been looking good right since FP1 , by taking an advantage during the VSC and going on a risky strategy like that in China, a Podium could be possible.

Perez starting P7 tomorrow, last year also he started P7 and ended on the podium, so this year also you can hope for it.

Grosjean , the local boy did made it to Q3 but the race is not gonna be easy for him especially because Ocon and Hamilton from the behind would be looking to over take him. Points finish is possible.

Button, Vandoorne though both the McLarens made it to Q3 but points finish is a distant dream, JB would be starting last & Stoffel also has penalties so it would be really difficult for the McLarens to score a point here.

Kvyat, could have made it to Q3 hadn’t vand crashed. Still he can get some points 

Hulk, seems like Renault has gone a step back , couldn’t make it Q3 and the race pace is not that good so struggle is there today.

Mangnussen , a three way battle could be possible between him, Massa and hulk

Lewis, a risky strategy followed by utilizing the VSC well may land him up in top5

Massa, a horrible weekend for Williams, really don’t expect anything good in the race.

Ocon, after a damaged car all he could manage was P16. But an aggressive strategy followed by some luck can get him to his favorite position , P10.

Stroll, Palmer the constest between them is who will crash first ?

Ericsson, Pascal it was gonna be a tough weekend for them and it is.

So final grid would be 

(Nico Rosberg to wave the Chequered Flag) Kimi, Bottas, Vettel, Max, Sainz, Perez, Ricciardo, Lewis, Kvyat, Ocon, Grosjean, Hulk, Magnussen, Massa, JB, Pascal, Vandoorne, Ericsson, Palmer, Stroll.

and Fernando Alonso for the win, on his debut INDY500 

  – Jwallant Parmar

Expectations from the Monaco GP 2017

So every year when the season starts majority of the fans are eagerly waiting for the Monaco Grand Prix !!!

Last few years have been a bit troublesome for the fans.

2015 – Lewis Hamilton was leading the race after securing the pole but a bad pitstop costed him the win.

It repeated again the following year.

2016 – Daniel Ricciardo was leading the race after securing the pole but his pit stop costed him the win.
So what we (fans) want this time ???

  1.  No messing the pit stop strategy of the race leader.
  2. Max Verstappen to finally complete the race.
  3. Mercedes to win the pole.
  4. A Ferrari Win !! (It’s been 16 years , since a Ferrari won at Monte Carlo)
  5. Sahara Force India on the Podium , the most consistent team of the season till now surely deserves it (the local boy Ocon on the Podium would be great).
  6. Stroll to Crash !!!!
  7. Nico Rosberg to wave the Chequered​ Flag
  8. JB to score some points.
  9. Pascal to score points here. Thereby honouring Jules.
  10. To see BUT GRO PER once again on the timesheets
  11. Romain Grosjean to do an airborne from the newly introduced kerb
  12. Jolyon Palmer to be the first one to DNF

and ya , we all want FERNANDO ALONSO to win the INDY500.

Hope all of these come true and give fans an experience of a lifetime.

– Jwallant Parmar

Significance of the MONACO Grand Prix

Monaco is synonymous with F1 since years, no wonder why because it has hosted the 2nd most number of races ever.

The Principlaity of Monaco; a small independent state has one of the highest per capita income and on an average every citizen is a Millionaire. As a result F1 is very highly favored in this part of the region after all it’s a Rich Man’s sport.
Grand Prix de Monaco started way back in 1950, that’s the year when the first ever official F1 season began. It then happened again in 1955 which is still running.

Since this small state-country is just there can’t be a race track built so the race happens on the streets. Race cars zooming past the iconic landmarks like the Casino Square, the hairpin and the famous tunnel followed by a chicane.

Being one of the toughest races on the calendar it has always given fans an experience of a lifetime. During the race weekend the whole city is lit up because the Grand Prix here is more like a festival rather than just a race. 

It’s the only race on the calendar which has Free Practice on Thursday rather than Friday since Friday is kept as a free day because the drivers are busy with all the Sponsors Activities.

Some of the amazing memories of the Monaco GP were that of 1984 when a young guy called Ayrton Senna announced himself on the World Stage and concluded his career with an astonishing 6 Monaco GP wins (a record till date). The one of 1994 was a painful one because it was the next Grand Prix after the one in which Ayrton Senna & Ratzenberger died. Hence the front row was kept empty with the Brazilian & Austrian Flag being painted on the track. That race was however won by  Schumacher. 
Monaco Grand Prix is one of the 3 races which makes up the Triple Crown of Motorsports. Winning a Monaco GP is every drivers dream. 

The past few years have been good and we all hope that with these faster and wider cars the excitement of Monaco GP doesn’t fade.

– Jwallant Parmar