Race Predictions – Grand Prix de Monaco 2017

So the Iceman is on the pole after an astonishing 128 races that’s approximately​ 9 years. Proving that once a legend, always a legend.

Vettel is P2 , I seriously don’t want  Ferrari to give team orders , let Kimi race and if Vettel takes Kimi on his own then it’s good but not by telling Kimi to slowdown and make way for Vettel.

BO77AS was once again impressive. Could have splitted the Ferrari’s but still pole was not possible. A decent race for him with no mistakes would land him on the podium for sure.

Max, Ricciardo had a decent Qualifying despite the fact that Ricciardo did only 1 lap in Q3 they still have the Pace to fight for the Podium in race.

Carlos Sainz was impressive once again. Toro Rosso has been looking good right since FP1 , by taking an advantage during the VSC and going on a risky strategy like that in China, a Podium could be possible.

Perez starting P7 tomorrow, last year also he started P7 and ended on the podium, so this year also you can hope for it.

Grosjean , the local boy did made it to Q3 but the race is not gonna be easy for him especially because Ocon and Hamilton from the behind would be looking to over take him. Points finish is possible.

Button, Vandoorne though both the McLarens made it to Q3 but points finish is a distant dream, JB would be starting last & Stoffel also has penalties so it would be really difficult for the McLarens to score a point here.

Kvyat, could have made it to Q3 hadn’t vand crashed. Still he can get some points 

Hulk, seems like Renault has gone a step back , couldn’t make it Q3 and the race pace is not that good so struggle is there today.

Mangnussen , a three way battle could be possible between him, Massa and hulk

Lewis, a risky strategy followed by utilizing the VSC well may land him up in top5

Massa, a horrible weekend for Williams, really don’t expect anything good in the race.

Ocon, after a damaged car all he could manage was P16. But an aggressive strategy followed by some luck can get him to his favorite position , P10.

Stroll, Palmer the constest between them is who will crash first ?

Ericsson, Pascal it was gonna be a tough weekend for them and it is.

So final grid would be 

(Nico Rosberg to wave the Chequered Flag) Kimi, Bottas, Vettel, Max, Sainz, Perez, Ricciardo, Lewis, Kvyat, Ocon, Grosjean, Hulk, Magnussen, Massa, JB, Pascal, Vandoorne, Ericsson, Palmer, Stroll.

and Fernando Alonso for the win, on his debut INDY500 

  – Jwallant Parmar


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