Sauber – The new Ferrari B-team

With the recent news coming from Sauber regarding the cancellation of their technical partnership with the Japanese Automobile giant, Honda there seems to be many reasons behind it.

The change of person at the top is stated to be the main reason behind it. The Sauber Honda deal was done by the then team principal and CEO Mrs. Monisha Katlenborn with a view that using a customer engine won’t help then to win. So there was a need to go with a new engine Manufacturer which was Honda, but Honda being struggling at the moment so there were huge risks involved. But inorder to become a works team she progressed with the Honda deal.

Now with a new person at the top and change in the management they have reversed that decision citing to safe and predictable season in F1. So they cancelled the partnership with Honda.

Now they have 3 options left.

  1. Go with the most dominant engine, Mercedes
  2. Get a Renault engine (it’s still in development stage)
  3. Continue using a year old Ferrari Engine which won’t get any upgrades.

What I think is that FERRARI would have pursued Sauber to ditch the Honda Engine and use the FERRARI Engine for a lower price while in return they have to give 1 seat to their junior driver.

Both Mercedes & Redbull have a junior driver program as well as a B-team in F1. So they don’t miss out on good talents whereas a good and dominant car is being developed.

Now after a long time FERRARI is actually fighting for the Championship which shows how hard they have worked on the development of the car. But at the same time they don’t have good drivers for the future.

Kimi Raikkonen would be retiring at the end of this season or Maybe next.

Sebastian Vettel is going out of contract at the end of the season, there have been rumors about him going to MERCEDES.

So, basically the drivers is a unpredictable thing for them. But at the same time FERRARI have a lot of good talent in the form of Ferrari Driver Academy whose drivers are racing in various lower tier series like, F2, European F3, Italian F4, GP3

So with this bunch of abundant and young talent being nurtured they need to utilize it well which they haven’t done so far.

You see Redbull Junior drivers like Sebastian Vettel, McLaren Junior drive like Lewis Hamilton making it big in F1. A feat which FERRARI has yet to achieve.

So in order to get that 1 seat at Sauber which is being currently occupied by a Mercedes Junior they might have forced Sauber to ditch Honda and most likely continue with FERRARI as the enginge provider.

Charles LecLerc would be testing the SF70-H this Monday just after the Hungarian GP, this makes it clear that Ferrari wants him in F1 next season.

Let’s wait for sometime untill any new announcement is made for Sauber’s Engine provider.

– Jwallant Parmar


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