Significance of the MONACO Grand Prix

Monaco is synonymous with F1 since years, no wonder why because it has hosted the 2nd most number of races ever.

The Principlaity of Monaco; a small independent state has one of the highest per capita income and on an average every citizen is a Millionaire. As a result F1 is very highly favored in this part of the region after all it’s a Rich Man’s sport.
Grand Prix de Monaco started way back in 1950, that’s the year when the first ever official F1 season began. It then happened again in 1955 which is still running.

Since this small state-country is just there can’t be a race track built so the race happens on the streets. Race cars zooming past the iconic landmarks like the Casino Square, the hairpin and the famous tunnel followed by a chicane.

Being one of the toughest races on the calendar it has always given fans an experience of a lifetime. During the race weekend the whole city is lit up because the Grand Prix here is more like a festival rather than just a race. 

It’s the only race on the calendar which has Free Practice on Thursday rather than Friday since Friday is kept as a free day because the drivers are busy with all the Sponsors Activities.

Some of the amazing memories of the Monaco GP were that of 1984 when a young guy called Ayrton Senna announced himself on the World Stage and concluded his career with an astonishing 6 Monaco GP wins (a record till date). The one of 1994 was a painful one because it was the next Grand Prix after the one in which Ayrton Senna & Ratzenberger died. Hence the front row was kept empty with the Brazilian & Austrian Flag being painted on the track. That race was however won by  Schumacher. 
Monaco Grand Prix is one of the 3 races which makes up the Triple Crown of Motorsports. Winning a Monaco GP is every drivers dream. 

The past few years have been good and we all hope that with these faster and wider cars the excitement of Monaco GP doesn’t fade.

– Jwallant Parmar


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